Equatorial Business Group PLC

Equatorial Business Group PLC was established in 1993 under the trade name Equatorial
Electronics and Communication PLC in Addis Ababa, in accordance with the commercial laws of Ethiopia. At the time of its establishment, EEC was engaged in the import and distribution of electronics, household and office goods and services. The company was owned by three investors, all of whom are brothers of Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Ali Al-Amoudi.

As the investment environment of the country favored new developments in the private sector, the owners of the company injected more capital and went into more strategic business ventures with a view of contributing to the national economy and to generating more employment opportunities to fellow citizens. The investors also saw the importance of technology, knowledge and skills most vital to the country through the import of the products and services to the local market as they entailed high-tech soft and hardware features. Thus, EEC as it was then called, became Equatorial Business Group (EBG).

EBG’s business lines are all targeted to major development sectors like construction, mining, water resources, agriculture, road and air transport, energy, health and ICT infrastructures.

Equatorial Business Group (EBG) is involved in four major sectors: namely, Automotive Engineering, Energy Systems, Telecom and IT, Pharmaceuticals and Medical
Supplies including Veterinary.

It is also introducing good management systems; specially the implementation of ISO 9001-2000 and ISO 14,000 series.

Business Units
Business in Automotive Engineering over the last decade, gave EBG a mark of reliability from VOLVO Company to be the sole dealer for heavy duty trucks and construction equipment and parts.

Energy Systems
Expansion in the service sector of the national economy such as hotels, airports, hospitals and higher education centers etc, invited EBG’s drive into the energy systems delivery. Accordingly, the sector supplies different generators, elevators, escalators, GE brand electrical materials, power cables and transformers.

Rural-need-focused renewable energy technology packages such as solar water heaters, solar vaccine refrigerators, solar pumping systems and hand pumps are also on the list of deliverables. A recent development in EBG’s strategic move is its active participation in rural electrification programs being carried out in the country under the guidance of the Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation.

Pharmaceutical and Medical supplies
EBG is among the major national intermediaries for the delivery of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies from world famous companies such as GSK, Schering-Plough and Astra Zeneka. A variety of chemicals, reagents, test kits, x-ray items of different ranges and features and other inputs of agro-production applications are also on the list of import commodities in the sector.

Telecommunications and Information Technology (IT)
EBG has also been involved in the import and distribution, installation and maintenance of modern telecommunication products such as PBX’s, key telephone systems (KTS’s) and accessories, high tech ICT fax machines, close circuit security TV (CCTV) systems, fire alarms and a host of other related appliances. EBG has the capacity to be part of the ICT promotional and development movement of the Telecom industry in the country.


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