abc Car Rental PLC

ABC Car Rental PLC was established in April 2000 and has been engaging in car rental and tour services. ABC also acquired NTO which was a state-owned enterprise.

ABC provides vehicle rental services with wide range of vehicles and luxury buses based on its customers’ needs for meetings, weddings, conferences, and other special events. Its customers include: individuals, government organizations, international organizations/institutions, private organizations, and conference organizers. The company’s popular brands and models of vehicles include: 7-series BMWs, S-350 Mercedes Benzs, and Volvo Limousines. The company’s fleet also includes the luxury SUVs – Toyota Land Cruisers (V-8), Nissan Patrols and Jeep Wranglers. ABC also provides wide range of ultra-efficient vehicles, like Nissan Sunny and various Kia Sedans.