Abennet Gebre-Meskel Appointed as CEO of MIDROC Ethiopia

Addis Ababa (June 17, 2020) – Owner and Chairman of MIDROC Ethiopia, Sheikh Mohammed Al-Amoudi, appointed Ato Abennet Gebre-Meskel as CEO of MIDROC Ethiopia. 

Apart from MIDROC Ethiopia, Abennet will lead all companies in the construction, hotel and real estate sectors. He will also continue to manage the pharmaceutical company – Pharmacure PLC.

The chairman also appointed other management members as part of his new restructuring (Clustering) of his conglomerate (MIDROC Ethiopia).

Sheikh Mohammed has been designing and studying a new structure for the past several weeks and it was unveiled on June 17, 2020 in a meeting held at the Sheraton Addis Hotel.

Accordingly, Ato Jamal Ahmed is appointed as CEO of the cluster of manufacturing, mining, trade, agriculture and agro-processing companies.

It was also noted that Ato Haile Asegidie will continue to lead Derba MIDROC Cement and its sister companies as Chief Executive Director (CED). Meanwhile, Ato Dereje Yessuwork will lead the National Tourist Organization (NTO) and Rainbow Exclusive.

MIDROC Ethiopia top management members were briefed on issues regarding the restructuring and management changes. Sheikh Mohammed Al-Amoudi through his representative, Abennet Gebre-Meskel, called on his new management team “to enhance their commitment for the development of Ethiopia.”