Addis Ababa (November 17, 2020) – Top management and employees of the MIDROC Ethiopian Group today observed a two minutes event honoring the National Defense Forces. The event was held at Nani Building (Head Office of the MIDROC Ethiopia Group) and Mechere Meda.

The event dubbed – “I Stand By the National Defense Forces” was organized as part of the national call by Ethiopian artists who are holding programs honoring the National Defense Force that has been making sacrifices for the enforcement of rule of law in the Tigray Regional State.

It is to be recalled that the National Defense Forces have been on military operations as it is ordered by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, the Commander-in-Chief  of the army, and consequently approved by the parliament to ensure peace and stability in Tigray following the sudden attacks on its base located in the regional state on 4th November 2020.