Sheraton Addis’s Christmas Father Set to Become Indigenous Character

Addis Ababa (January 7, 2020): Sheraton Addis created an indigenous character called Ababa Gena for kids.

It started promoting the story of Ababa Gena on social media, introducing him all over the world.

Even though Ababa Gena only appears around Christmas time he will be sending messages of joy, hope and love throughout the year. He is becoming a national Christmas Character for children.

This character received a lot of attention from local and international people and received a lot of positive feedback.

Apart from the storytelling, Ababa Gena dressed up with elegant Ethiopian traditional outfit visited cancer child patients at Mathewos Wondu cancer society and fed Our Father’s kitchen kids for Ethiopian Christmas.

He visited Black Lion Hospital for child cancer patients to meet Ababa Gena in person, and they had a beautiful joyous Christmas firming life time memories entertained children coming to the Sheraton Addis on the weekends and spreading the Christmas cheer.

Ababa Gena read stories, played games, gave presents and entertained them @ the musical fountain.

Every month Ababa Gena sends birthday wishes to all children who have a birthday in that month.