Equatorial Business Group PLC (EBG)

Equatorial Business Group PLC (EBG) was established in April 1993.  At the time of its establishment, EBG’s business started with import and distribution of electrical and electronic goods and services. With investment propelled by the great interest of owners to contribute to the development of the national economy, huge capital investment has been injected which has resulted in opening up greater opportunities for the company to engage in diverse and strategically significant business lines.

EBG is engaged in five business areas that have strategic significance to national development: (a) Equatorial Volvo Business (EVB), (b) Equatorial Light Vehicles Business (ELVB), (c) Equatorial Energy Business (EEB), (d) Equatorial Elevator & Telecom Business (EETB), and (e) Equatorial Pharmaceuticals, Medical Equipment and Supplies Business (EPB). EBG’s business lines target to major development sectors like construction, mining, water resources, agriculture, road, energy, health and ICT infrastructure.

In order to effectively engage in the Ethiopian market, EBG has Branches and Pharmaceutical and Medical Equipment Supplies Distribution Centers in five strategically located towns of the Country: Hawassa, Bahir Dar, Dire Dawa, Jimma and Adama.

EBG import and distribute the following products along with after sales, supply of spare parts, and maintenance services: (a) heavy duty VOLVO trucks & construction machinery and equipment, (b) different brands of vehicles for home and service use including Mazda Pickups, Cherry QQ, Cherry Tiggos, Jinbei minibuses, ambulances, forland cargos and dump trucks and FOTON Tractors, (c) packages of solutions for power/energy problems – design, installation and testing services for Cummins power generators, GE brand electrical materials, power cables, transformers and compact substation and lightening arresters, as well as rural focused technology packages of power and renewable energy sources like solar water heaters, (d) high tech OTIS brand lifts and moving stairs (escalators) – design consultancy and delivery to specified size and dimension of lifts and escalators, installation, latest telecom systems, and (e) high-tech pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and equipment including veterinary and a variety of chemicals, reagents, test kits, X-Ray items of all ranges and other related agricultural inputs.