Huda Real Estate PLC

Huda Real Estate PLC, Products TV ad, January 2021

Huda Real Estate PLC (HUDA) was established in September 1997 and engaged in land/real estate development business. 

Huda Real Estate provides real estate development and construction services. Huda has owned the following projects: Nani building (MIDROC Ethiopia Corporate Office), Loli building (a modern 9 story building with well integrated twin towers), and Haji Mohammed Yassin Business Center (a modern mixed use complex located in Dessie Town). Huda has also undertaken the construction of the following projects: MIDROC Village (a mixed neighborhood located in Woldia Town), Dashen Bank and Staff Residence (located in Woldia Town), KOSPI and MBI – Akaki Factories, MIDROC Gold Mine PLC’s Carbon in Pulp (CIP) and Fuel Depot, MIDROC Gold Mine Staff Residence (Shakiso), and Menagesha Residential Houses, among others.