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Companies & Products

MIDROC Ethiopia Investment Group Companies are those establishments owned by Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Ali Al-Amoudi, Chairman of MIDROC Ethiopia, whereas “Affiliate” is the term used to indicate those companies whose investments are made by the close relatives (family) of the Chairman.

MIDROC Ethiopia Investment Group and Affiliate Companies

For details and specific information on companies, click on the link to their respective websites

abc Car Rental PLC
Abijata-Shalla Soda Ash S.C. <>
Addis International Catering PLC
Addis Park Development & Management PLC <>
Blue Nile Resort Hotels PLC
BIG-M Apparel Garment PLC
CABEY PLC [Affiliate] <>

East West Ethio Transport PLC [Affiliate] <>
Equatorial Business Group PLC (EBG) [Affiliate]
Ethio-Leather Industry PLC (ELICO)
Hora Food Complex PLC <>

International Cargo Aviation Service PLC
Kebire Enterprises PLC <>
MAMCO Paper Products Factory PLC <>
MEPO Contracting & Management Services PLC <>
MIDROC Construction Ethiopia PLC <>
MIDROC Energy House Electro-Mechanical Services PLC <>
MIDROC Foundation Specialist PLC
MIDTEL International PLC <>
MOHA Soft Drinks Industry SC <>
MUGAD Travel PLC <>
National Mining Corporation PLC <>
National Motors Corporation PLC [Affiliate]
National Oil Ethiopia PLC (NOC)
Nyala Motors S.C.
Paul Ries & Sons (Ethiopia) Ltd
Progress International Resort Hotel PLC <>
Ries Engineering S.C.
SalaM Health Care PLC <>
Sheraton Addis Hotel PLC
Star Soap and Detergent Industries PLC
Unlimited Packaging PLC <>

Derba-MIDROC Cement PLC (Derba Group)

Toussa Steel Factory PLC <>
Dashen Cement Factory PLC <>
Derba Transport PLC <>
Derba Lime & Chemical PLC <>
Maya P.P. Bag Manufacturing PLC <>
Derba Drilling and Hydrology PLC <>

Horizon Plantations PLC (Horizon Group)

Horizon Addis Tyre S.C.
Saudi Star Agricultural Development PLC <>
Bebeka Coffee Estate S.C. <>
Ethio Agri-CEFT PLC
Lame Dairy (Sholla) PLC <>
Hawassa Chipwood Factory PLC <>

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MIDROC Ethiopia Technology Group Companies

For MIDROC Ethiopia Technology Group companies visit the website: www.midroc-ethiotechgroup.com

MIDROC CEO Management and Leadership Services  PLC
addis Gas & Plastics Factory PLC
addis Home Depot PLC
Blue Nile P.P. & Craft Paper Bags Manufacturing PLC
Daylight Applied Technologies PLC
ELFORA Agro-Industries PLC
Ethiodream PLC
Huda Real Estate PLC
Jittu Horticulture PLC
Kombolcha Steel Products Industries PLC
MIDROC Geo Exploration Services PLC
Modern Building Industries PLC
Queen’s Supermarket PLC
Rainbow Exclusive Car Rental And Tour Services PLC
Summit Engineered Plastics PLC
Trans Nation Airways PLC
Trust Protection & Personnel Services PLC
United Auto Maintenance Services PLC
Unity University PLC
Vision Aluminum Manufacturing PLC
Wanza Furnishing Industries PLC

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