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Corporate Citizenship

For the purpose of this section, corporate citizenship incorporates corporate governance, corporate social responsibility and philanthropic undertakings by MIDROC Ethiopia Group Companies and/or Sheikh Mohammed H. Al-Amoudi himself.

Corporate Citizenship Responsibility and Philanthropy

Corporate Governance

The MIDROC Ethiopia Investment Group is organized with various modalities of management. One set of companies are organized under MIDROC Ethiopia Technology Group, Chief Executive Officer. The other set of companies are organized as totally independent entities, some having Boards of Directors, where as a group have a Consultative Body represented by the Top Management of each of these companies. The Head Office of the MIDROC Ethiopia Investment Group serves also as the secretariat of this Consultative Body.

The Head offices of the companies provide administrative, human resources, financial and project management, and other coordination services. Human resources development is enhanced through a tailor made sustained training program. Budget and performance reviews are also carried out in accordance to accepted accounting principles code and formats put in place. Moreover, the Investment Group is promoting corporate good governance practices as much as possible.

In line with the motto of the Investment Group “Committed to Development,” MIDROC Ethiopia allocates huge amount of local and foreign resources and exerts extensive efforts to ensure Good Governance in the investment group, promoting transparency and ethics in its public and private partnership affairs. MIDROC Ethiopia is among the very first few to introduce corporate “Code of Ethics” in Ethiopia.

The huge investments of Sheikh Mohammed H. Al-Amoudi are meant to bear the much desired long lasting socio-economic transformation and growth in Ethiopia. The nature, magnitude and consistency of his investments made so far in all the major sectors of the economy confirm nothing, but that of Sheikh Mohammed’s commitment as a development partner and a great son of his motherland - Ethiopia.

Companies are encouraged to act in their long term strategic interest and not just only the short term quick profit making measures. So each company has a dynamic strategy with its vision, mission, and goals clearly mapped.

The Investment Group, in addition to its road map of corporate social responsibility, has and is promoting and supporting the following noble causes:

  • Fully funded, a 4.5 kms asphalted road construction in Holeta town that leads to the Ethio Agri-CEFT's horticulture site.
  • Supported the Shakisso road construction which is taken up as a local initiative.
  • Supported the National Obelisk Return Committee, the body responsible for the return of the obelisk from Italy to Ethiopia.
  • Established and/or supported schools and clinics at its out of Addis Ababa facilities.
  • Established employees’ health care facility in Addis Ababa.
  • Has embarked upon for the improvement of its farm villages at Bir & Ayehu using local materials with a well engineered architectural setting: this will be the first of its kind in Public - Private - Partnership undertaking (Engineering Capacity Building, Addis Ababa University and Ethio Agri-CEFT PLC).
  • Contribute to helping farmers in the control of a livestock menace - leeches – through the use of a well researched domestic plant, endod, which is environmentally friendly and of simple application.
  • Support the establishment and sustainability of various professional associations including the would be Ethiopian Academy of Sciences.
  • Support Environmental and Health Advocacy Groups.

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Major Philanthropic Contributions

Notwithstanding Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Ali Al-Amoudi’s massive investment in the various sectors of the Ethiopian economy, MIDROC Ethiopia Group and Affiliate Companies continue to provide support to civil societies for initiatives undertaken by specific communities, non-governmental organizations, welfare associations, gender groups, child welfare, HIV/AIDS etc.

His recent decision for a gracious financial contribution of $20 million to the Clinton HIV/AIDS Initiative to help in its efforts of increasing care and treatment of people living with HIV/AIDS, depicts his determination with no limitation whatsoever, to assist in any sustainable activity that can contribute to the advancement of the livelihood of Ethiopians. The Initiative has a major intervention program in Ethiopia. He said at the signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding .. “I see this contribution to the Clinton HIV/AIDS Initiative (CHAI) as part of my continuing effort to improve the welfare of the people of my country of birth. In particular, I wish to support the works of CHAI as a means of providing access to quality health-care for the Ethiopian people.”

He also made a significant financial contribution to the African Humanitarian Action (AHA), a Pan African NGO that provides humanitarian assistance to refugees, internally displaced persons and local communities throughout Africa.

Every time the country is hit with natural calamities or disasters of measurable magnitude, Sheikh Mohammed’s readiness to stretch his generous hands have repeatedly been demonstrated. The Children’s Heart Fund of Ethiopia, victims of Hurricane, Cheshire Home, the relief and flood victims in Ethiopia are among the few beneficiaries.

Sheikh Mohammed has always donated millions of Birr to Regional Developments in the various fund raising programs organized by the concerned Regions, and sponsored a large number of development endeavors. The multimillion Birr upgrading and development, by Sheikh Mohammed H. Al- Amoudi, of the Africa Park, stretching from opposite UNECA Headquarters in the south, up the southern bounds of the Grand Palace in the north, not only uplifted the environs of the UNECA compound but also created a refreshing break and extra glamour to the vicinity.

At the inaugural ceremony of the Park, in the presence of African Heads of States and Representatives, Sheikh Mohammed H. Al- Amoudi reaffirmed his commitment to his country and promised that he would do his best to make Addis Ababa the Diplomatic Center of Africa and said that: “The Park is a gift from my mother’s country to the whole of Africa.”

In the field of sports too, Sheikh Mohammed has rigorously and vigorously encouraged to help sport activities, promote football and athletics.

He has sponsored three rounds of annual tournament termed “Al-Amoudi Senior Challenge Cup.” of the Eastern and Central African Football Association (CECAFA).

He had also fully sponsored the Ethiopian Soccer Team that had twice grabbed the CECAFA Cup. Athletics Sport also has benefited a lot from his gracious donations and support; and he has recently sponsored the Ethiopian Athletics delegation to the Beijing Olympics.

There are a number of other philanthropic contributions (See Details in Annex A).

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Awards and Recognitions

Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Al-Amoudi has received Praises, Awards, Recognitions and Medals of Honor for his vision and proven leadership in business and for his socio-economic development and his contributions in advancing national and humanitarian causes. The latest inclusion is the Award by His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden the “ Insignia of Commander, First Class of the Royal Order of the Polar Star,” for his contribution as an Outstanding Investor in Sweden since 1974. He has earlier been awarded the Royal Order Polar Star of Sweden back in December, 1997 from Sweden for his huge investment activities in that country.

He has been awarded countless Awards locally for his contributions towards the development of Ethiopia as climaxed by the National Award "Investor of the Millennium." His contributions to Ethiopia’s sports, particularly to football are monumental.

The most deserving Award and Honor given to Sheikh Mohammed H. Al-Amoudi is the conferment of an Honorary Doctorate Degree, for his unparalleled contributions he has made so far, to promote Ethiopia in the field of social and economic development.

The testimony given by Professor Andreas Eshete, President of the Addis Ababa University, during the award-giving ceremony best expresses Sheikh Mohammed H. Al-Amoudi.

“You were born in Dessie and spent your childhood in Woldya. You are a visionary businessman who has richly invested in Ethiopia and many other places in Africa. Your commitment to African development is unrivalled in the business community. Your devotion to education is an inspiration to others. You have set new standards to philanthropy. Among the many beneficiaries of your generosity are the Organization of African Unity and the African Union. You have also given patronage to artists and the arts including our own music school….”

The other Awards, Praises and Recognitions given are detailed in Annex B.

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