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Deputy CEO visits construction facilities

(July 22, 2020) - The newly appointed Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Construction, organized under MIDROC Ethiopia Private Limited Company, Ato Sultan Mohammed Alya yesterday visited the two main terminals of MIDROC Construction in Akaki-Kaliti Sub-city, south of Addis Ababa.

The terminals that house various constriction equipment including concrete and asphalt batching plants and hundreds of earth moving machineries and the like are vital facilities of the MIDROC Construction Ethiopia PLC which is one of the companies of MIDROC Ethiopia founded during the establishment of the conglomerate itself.

The Deputy CEO accompanied by General Manager of MIDROC Construction Ethiopia PLC and A/Deputy General Manager of MEPO Contracting and Management Services PLC as well as other management members from the Head Office said that he was able to get first hand information about the facilities.

Ato Sultan also held discussions with management members of the terminals so as to learn personally the current situation of the facilities.

He also expressed his thanks to those who have worked hard for the construction company and indicated that various measures should be taken to improve the working processes and conditions of the construction company in general and the terminals in particular.

It is to be recalled that CEO of MIDROC Ethiopia Ato Abennet Gebre-Meskel recently announced the appointment of Ato Sultan Mohammed Alya to the position of Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Construction, organized under MIDROC Ethiopia Private Limited Company Chief Executive Officer, with effect from July 01, 2020 GC (Sene 24, 2012 EC).

At present, the construction wing of MIDROC Ethiopia comprises five major Private Limited Companies namely; MIDROC Construction Ethiopia, Vision Aluminum, MEPO Consulting and Management Services, MIDROC Foundation and Huda Engineering.

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