National Mining Corporation Plc was established on March 18, 1993. The Corporation is engaged in prospecting, exploration, development, production and processing of minerals, dimension stones and mineral products. It is marketing mineral products both within the local and foreign markets.

Operating Units of the Company are:

  • Awash Marble Processing Plant
  • Dalleti Marble Quarry
  • Harar Quarry

At present the marble quarry has 5 benches, each having more than 40 meters length and a height of 5 meters. It has advanced for more than 50 meters.

The Company produces and sells marble and granite products with a very high aesthetic value and unique color marble textures which excel other dimension stone products. One of its products, Boka multi-color, was awarded a recognition certificate being “Stone of the Year” by the Marble Institute of America.

It is estimated that NMiC has a marble and dimension stone market share of around 31% locally. The Corporation has been exporting its products to the Middle East, Far East, Italy, the USA and European countries.

Achievements Recorded
After its establishment, NMiC reorganized the mining operation by employing the services of expatriates and local experts. NMiC also opened new additional quarry fronts to increase the product mix, production and productivity. Dimension Stones tested at renowned foreign laboratories proved to be of high quality.

Additional state-of-the-art machinery and equipment such as diamond wire plants, DTH
perforators, jet belt and other quarry machineries were purchased. Marble gangsaw and block cutter, wire saws, multidisc, bridge cutters and computerized shaping machines were also injected to the factory.

NMiC participated at different local and international exhibitions and trade fairs to introduce its products and is a member of the Marble Institute of America (MIA) and Afristone. This move has contributed to NMiC’s competitiveness locally and abroad, and helped capture a good market position. At present, a product called Boka, is being marketed in bulk to the Far East and Italy.

As part of the intensification of products and services, a new blue marble by the name of
Eshet Blue is also being introduced as stone of the Millennium. Presently, it has already
captured the Italian and Chinese markets and a lot more markets are expected.


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