Pharmacure PLC

Vision and Basic Long Term Directions

Pharmacure Pvt. Ltd. Co. is engaged in the setting up of enterprises for the local production of pharmaceuticals (both human and veterinary), healthcare products, surgical supplies, etc.  The products will be for the local market and other markets of importance.  The vision that the company has is primarily to manufacture medicinal products and supplies of good quality continuously available to the healthcare needs of the country at affordable prices.  Pharmacure intends to base its activities on state of the art level technology and know-how relevant to the pharmaceutical industry. 

Pharmacure has conceptualized a short-term, an intermediate and future plans to guide its activities.  The short-term plan is actually being realized in an already completed intravenous (IV) fluids production plant, which is currently under operation.  Pharmacure’s long-term plans are being   developed within the company in line with the broad objectives and institutional mandate of the company – local production of pharmaceuticals and related products and engagement in trade of such products.  It is worth noting that Pharmacure is the first pharmaceutical manufacturing company in Ethiopia to be granted the “Certificate of Competence” Award from the Drug Administration and Control Authority of Ethiopia (DACA).



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