SalaM Health Care PLC

The primary objectives of establishing SalaM Health Care PLC are to:

  • Provide a highly sophisticated hospital service at one center,
  • Conduct a medical research which could be used to tackle health problems of the country,
  • Curtail outflow of foreign currencies by patients seeking medical help abroad,
  • Train highly skilled professionals both for the hospital and the nation, and
  • Handle referral cases from neighboring countries and the different regional countries.

The major component of the Company to attain the objectives set forth for its establishment is the construction of a high-tech Hospital.

Hospital Construction Project
The construction of SalaM General Hospital was initially designed by Ethiopian Engineers and subsequently modified by DEVCON, a Finish Medical Engineering Company, which eventually was taken over by Innovators of Jeddah that has a vast experience in hospital construction.

The Hospital is unique in its design and will have the following special features like: central monitoring system for ICU cases; centrally supplied medical gas delivery system and emergency management system linked to all operating theatres.

As training of adequate medical staff is a basic element of the make-up of a high-tech hospital, physicians from the local market will be selected and specially trained in line with the technological standard of the Hospital.

The establishment in 1997 of the SalaM Nurses College is part of the scheme to create competence. The College was organized and commissioned through the direct supervision of NETCARE South Africa, equipped with the latest teaching materials imported from the same source that applies a televised lecture system utilizing plasma television.

The demonstration rooms are organized in such a way that students could practice most techniques similar to living beings.

The Establishment of SalaM Medical Services
Sheikh Mohammed H. Al-Amoudi also established a higher level clinic in 1996 for employees of all the MIDROC Ethiopia Investment Group. SalaM Medical Services is one of the best Clinics in Addis Ababa rendering a quality out-patient and in-patient service to most MIDROC Ethiopia employees.

The diagnostic units are staffed by most senior and highly skilled professionals utilizing the most sophisticated and a rare endoscopy machine, having a special capacity to detect the thinnest anomaly in the gastrointestinal tract and also recording it for further reference.

SalaM Health Care PLC runs two clinical services at the Sheraton Addis and at Legedembi Gold Mine in Shakisso.


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