MIDROC Energy House Electro-Mechanical Services PLC

MIDROC Energy House Electromechanical Services PLC was established in October 1999 with an initial capital of Birr 4.6 million. It is engaged in electromechanical engineering services as Grade I electromechanical contractor in the Country.

The total capital of the company has reached Birr 8.06 million, with an average annual turnover of Birr 8.1 million (recent four years average). It has created job opportunities for 20 employees. It also creates many temporary jobs depending on the nature of projects it undertakes.

The company provides electromechanical engineering services contracting that include: design, production, supply, installation and erection, as well as maintenance of electromechanical systems in the domestic market for large industrial and building complexes. These include: (a) electric lighting and power distribution systems, (b) utility systems (HVAC, telecom, air, gas, water, fuel, steam systems), (c) security & protection systems (CCTV, Fire & burglar alarms and protection systems, etc.), and (d) Other industrial and service sector electromechanical machinery and equipment.