MIDROC Foundation Specialist PLC

MIDROC Foundation Specialist PLC, a member of the MIDROC Ethiopia Investment Group, was established in 1998 as Grade-1 Foundation Specialist Contractor in Ethiopia under the name of Bauer-MIDROC Foundation Specialist PLC. MIDROC Foundation has been actively involving in the art of piling, constantly researching, developing, and perfecting methods and equipment.

Bauer-MIDROC Foundation was formed by MIDROC Construction Ethiopia PLC and BAUER Spezialtiefbau GmbH (of Germany) with equal ownership shares. In December 2005, there had been a change in shareholders as a result of which its name changed to MIDROC Foundation Specialist PLC, upon transferring of all the existing Bauer-MIDROC facilities, personnel, and know-how of Foundation Technology to the same.

The company’s facilities include: hydraulic pile drilling rigs, anchor drilling machines, pile load test, pile integrity test equipment, and other construction equipment.

MIDROC Foundation was established with an initial capital of Birr 7 million and its  total capital has now reached over Birr 13.8 million with an average annual turnover of Birr 30 million (in recent years). The company has created job opportunities for 92 employees.

The services of the company are: (a) design and construction of pile foundations, (b) design and installation of secant pile walls for bridge piers, (c) design and installation of temporary and permanent support of excavation (shoring) systems, (d) design and installation of temporary grouted anchors, soil and rock nails, (e) installation of steel bridges, (f) construction of concrete bridges, (g) conducting pile load & integrity tests, and (h) conducting geotechnical investigation.